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Monday, 28 July 2014

Te Reo


WALTuse Te Reo in a simple conversation.

Task: create a puppet pals animation to share your Te Reo learning.

Success Criteria
  • clear voice
  • saying the right words (makes sense) 
  • animation matches the words
  • trying our best pronunciation

I think
My learning partner thinks
I used a clear voice
Yes because people can hear and understand me.
i agree
I used the right words
people that speak Maori will understand.
people who speak maori will understand you
My animation matched my words
kia ora stands for hi.
you are right
What did I find challenging? 
using the i pad.
i did to
What did I like about…
learning new Maori words
i agree

You have used a clear voice and correct pronunciation in your animation. Remember