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Monday, 30 May 2016

maths stage 5 test

description: in poutama we have been doing a test i did a stage five test my score was 58%here is my test. My testis about maths. There was 50 Questions and we had Answer as much as we could in10 mins.

evaluation: i think i did well at trying.
i think i need to try all the questions.
i think i need to work on all the questions.

feedback: I think that Tayla did well at her thinking and answering the questions.
feedforward: next time she should be more prepared and try and get to stage 6.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


In poutuma we did a three hundred spelling test I did some practicing after the test was done l👀k down below to see my spelling ⬇️
Evaluation: I think I did good at keeping the words on the line.
I think I didn't do well at some of the letters.
I think I should work on getting the spelling correct. I practise my spelling by writing the word down over and over again until I fill up my line. I know my words by when I keep practising.

Feedback: you did a good job with all these words I can see that you have gotten better at your words over time.
Feedforward: What did you learn during this task? Telaina

Hand writing 📝

In poutuma we did hand writing l👀k down to see my hand writing📝
Evaluation: I think I did good at getting the poem done in time.
I think I didn't do good at the tidy writing.
I think I need to work on the tidy writing.

Feedback:I think that you did really well at doing all four poems in five minutes, but I think you only need to work on making your words more on the line but everything else is really good. -Katie