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Monday, 27 June 2016

Sea turtles 🐢🐢🐢

Descripchon: in poutuma we have been doing sea turtle writing. And we had to write all that we know and put it into a writing peace.then we had to make a blog post about it here's my writing⬇️

Sea turtles
Sea turtles are 150,million years old. When they hatch
there is 1000 but 800 survive. Then 400 make it to the
water. The other 400 get eaten by predators. Then 200
make it past the currents. Then 20 make it to the age of
breeding. Then 2 make it past big predators and live
The rest of there life.
When the mum sea turtles are ready for breeding they
go on shore not close to the water. And they dig a hole
and lay there eggs. The eggs are as big as a ping pong
ball. When the mum has finished laying her eggs she
puts back the sand she dug up.
                                                       Baby sea turtles 
Baby sea turtles. When they hatch they try to get to
the water but they don't have much luck because of
all there predators. They have lots but I'll tell you a
couple. Of the predators that eat the sea turtles. Crab,
shark,fish and sea birds.
                                                    Growing up
The baby sea turtles that made it to the water they might
Not make it past the currents and big animals. And then
They start getting to the age of breeding.

Evaluation: i think I did great on my writing.
I think I need to work on nothing???

Feedback I feel that you have done a great job in this report because you added lots of fun facts

Feedforward I think that next time you could re read you writing so you have not repeated your self or something has not make sense.
Hannah P

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Moon inquiry

In Ellis class we are doing since about the moon. Me and Hannah have made a video on spark video. It was very fun here's my video ⬇️

I think I did well on the video and speaking loud.
I think I didn't do well on much facts.
I think I need to work on more facts.
Feedback that's a very nice video that you made. I learned some stuff!
Feedforward maybe next time you could think about presenting it in a different way.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

cross country

My goal for cross country is to get in to the top five